The ÖVP federal party executive unanimously elected Sebastian Kurz as the new party chairman on Sunday.

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The ÖVP federal party executive unanimously elected Sebastian Kurz as the new party chairman on Sunday.

The ÖVP board unanimously designated Sebastian Kurz as the new chairman in a meeting on Sunday afternoon. The conditions that the Foreign Minister had already set in advance for taking over the chairmanship and which, among other things, assured him more leeway in the selection of candidates, were accepted as announced.

Shortly after the more than three-hour meeting of the federal party executive in the Political Academy of the People’s Party, the numerous media representatives appeared alone. After state party leaders and federal leaders had already promised their support for Kurz and his demands before the committees, this was also approved by the board. The ÖVP should therefore appear in the next election as “List Sebastian Kurz – the new people’s party”.

The short statement as a video

© Video: Valerie Krb / News

The resigned Chairman and Vice Chancellor Reinhold Mitterlehner left the meeting after a short time.

The changes to the statutes requested by Kurz were accepted according to the new party leader. “” There are now clear personal decision-making powers for the federal party chairman, “said Kurz in the press conference after the board. According to Kurz, the ÖVP wants to compete in the upcoming National Council election as “List Sebastian Kurz – the new People’s Party”. The ÖVP has not yet nominated a Vice Chancellor.

“It wasn’t a step that I took easy”

The step to the top of the party was not an easy one for him, emphasized Kurz: “” It was not a step that I took easy because the ÖVP has had four chairmen in the last ten years. ” that in the party not only should heads be exchanged – the party must also change. That should be fixed at the next party congress.

Von Kurz called for (and apparently already agreed with the party leaders in the run-up to the meeting) the sole decision of the federal party leader over the general secretary and the government team of the ÖVP as well as more say in the list of candidates for national elections. In addition, there should be an internal party preferential voting system.trustmypaper reviews

For the electoral movement, the ÖVP will rely on “” proven forces “” from the party, but at the same time bring new people on board, Kurz announced. Kurz intends to have an initial conversation with Chancellor Christian Kern (SPÖ) and Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen about how to proceed on Monday. He wants a unanimous decision for early elections and a quick election date after the summer.

Reactions to the new ÖVP boss

The SPÖ responds to the designation of Sebastian Kurz as ÖVP chairman and his request for new elections with silence. Neither party leader Christian Kern nor federal manager Georg Niedermühlbichler or any other top representative of the party wants to comment today, it was said from various sources on APA request. Chancellor Kern wants to announce his position on Monday at the earliest.

“” Today the ÖVP made an important directional decision that will be good for the whole country. Sebastian Kurz stands for clear values, a clear direction and clear decisions “”, congratulated Walter Ruck, chairman of the Vienna Economic Association and President of the Vienna Economic Chamber, Sebastian Kurz on today’s election as federal party chairman. “” As before, the Wiener Wirtschaftsbund will support Sebastian Kurz in every way. His work as Foreign Minister is mainly characterized by the fact that he acts as a strong partner to business and I thank him for that and look forward to further cooperation to bring Austria forward, “” said Ruck.

»Sham package ‘List Short’«

“Congratulations to the designated ÖVP federal party leader Sebastian Kurz! He has shown great courage and stands like no other for an open and honest policy of clear words. In his functions as chairman of the young ÖVP, state secretary for integration and foreign minister, he has already impressively demonstrated his decision-making power, leadership and his unerring instinct for the concerns of Austrians. Sebastian Kurz will lead the ÖVP as a modern political force into a successful future. He is certain of the full support of the ÖAAB. Let’s tackle the future together, ”said ÖAAB federal chairman August Wöginger and general secretary Karl Nehammer

“Following the Van der Bellen brand’s deception of independence, the Austrians are now being served the next untruth in the form of the ‘Short List’ deceit as the official kick-off of the ÖVP’s election campaign. Briefly becomes chairman of a party for which he is so embarrassed at the same time that he has to distance himself from it with a new name in order to give the appearance of modernity and renewal. In truth, there is ÖVP old in it, where it says ‘short list’ and ‘new people’s party’ “”, said FPÖ general secretary Herbert Kickl in a broadcast.

“Today’s decision opened a new chapter in the history of the Austrian People’s Party”

“Today we have come a decisive step closer to our long-term demand for equal participation of women in all political areas and functions”, said the federal leader of the ÖVP women Dorothea Schittenhelm after the meeting of the ÖVP federal party executive. “” The zipper system has never been on any of the lists in Austria and is also trend-setting internationally. “” With today’s decision, a new chapter has been opened in the history of the Austrian People’s Party. “”

Who will be Vice Chancellor and Minister of Economics?

The ÖVP has not yet made a decision on a new Vice Chancellor and Minister of Economics on Sunday evening. This depends on whether the SPÖ starts a minority government under Chancellor Christian Kern, said the new designated ÖVP chairman Sebastian Kurz in his short press statement when asked. It was also decided in the board that Kurz’s conditions should be included in the statute.

Kurz had already publicly urged his conditions for taking over the chairmanship in advance and discussed this with the board members. At the meeting, a corresponding motion for the next party congress was then decided – also unanimously, he said afterwards.

A decision on a new Vice Chancellor and a new Minister of Economics, however, has not yet been made. After Reinhold Mitterlehner’s resignation, this is only necessary if there is no minority government of the SPÖ. If the coalition partner accepts the offer for a joint new election application, someone will be nominated and a decision will be made, explained Kurz.

When journalists asked about criticism of the chairman’s abundance of power, Kurz replied: “” I’m used to criticism, no matter how you act. “” There used to be “” rightly “” criticism of the federal party chairman had no leeway to make decisions, for example because he was told who was to be on his closest team. In this respect, he is not surprised by the criticism: “” Regardless of which way you go “” there is this.

List Sebastian Kurz – “” No specific person in mind “”

He also emphasized that whoever leads the organization needs the opportunity to create. If you cannot make decisions regarding personnel or content, you cannot shape it, says Kurz. Initially, the new chairman spoke of turbulent times and also admitted that he “demanded a lot” from the party. In any case, a “” clear decision “” had been made today.

Kurz has not yet announced who will be on the “” list of Sebastian Kurz – the new People’s Party “”. In the past few years he had “” been able to get to know a lot of great people “” who want to get involved. He also has “” specific people “” in his head. However, he will only present these when the elections take place.

Now he wants to wait and see how Chancellor Christian Kern (SPÖ) deals with the offer and hopes to jointly “” organize the last few months until the election “”: “” Otherwise there is definitely chaos in Austria. “” Such a one The situation is not beneficial for the country. A minority government could be in office by the regular election date in autumn 2018. “” It is not my way, “said Kurz, referring to early elections:” “We are ready to go this way.” “

The day at a glance

When does the party leadership take to the microphones? According to insiders, the press conference should now take place around 7.30 p.m.

The press conference was scheduled for 6.30 p.m. The party leadership is still waiting.

© Valerie Krb / News A microphone, no ÖVP logo

ÖVP Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz has set seven conditions for him to take over the party. Whether the conditions would be accepted by the party remained open in advance.

What is happening today

Who will be the next ÖVP party leader? The federal executive committee of the People’s Party is currently voting on this. Because today Reinhold Mitterlehner resigns from his chairmanship. An interim successor is needed. The ÖVP federal party executive met on Sunday at 4 p.m. in the Political Academy to elect Sebastian Kurz as the new chairman. When they arrived, some board members reaffirmed their support for the current JVP chairman and his conditions.

© Valerie Krb / News Main entrance to the Political Academy

Once the board has agreed on a new party chairman, General Secretary Werner Amon has to convene the federal party congress within three months. The new party leader will then be elected there.

Successor for Sebastian Kurz

The interim chairman will then submit a proposal for the functions of Vice Chancellor and Minister of Economics and Science. He also has to appoint his deputies – these are not appointed by the board.

Reinhold Mitterlehner’s deputies are currently club boss Reinhold Lopatka, European mandate and farmer’s alliance Elisabeth Köstlinger, Lower Austria’s governor Johanne Mikl-Leitner and his potential successor Sebastian Kurz.

The main character, Kurz, arrived together with the Salzburg state party leader Wilfried Haslauer and the European MP Elisabeth Köstinger. He himself did not want to say anything before the start of the meeting, but referred journalists to later.

The new Upper Austrian regional party leader Thomas Stelzer expected a common approach and declared: “” We want a strong chairman. “” He assumes that the regional organizations will continue to be the DNA of the ÖVP. With Kurz you have a “” strong leader “”.

State Secretary Harald Mahrer noted that in the past it had often been criticized that the federal party chairman had no right of intervention: “” I consider all concerns to be raised by the hair. “” A modern party needs “” reasonable, modern decision-making structures “”. Seniorenbund boss Ingrid Korosec also has no problem with Kurz’s conditions: “” We are on the electoral list. “” She expects a very short meeting. The previous federal party leader Reinhold Mitterlehner also arrived at Polak at 4:00 pm. He was sitting quite relaxed in the limo with his sunglasses on.

© Valerie Krb / News There should be a press conference around 6 p.m., the journalists are already waiting Read news for 1 month for free! * * The test ends automatically. More on this ▶Win true wireless earphones from JBL now! ( New access ( 8 reasons why it’s great to be single ( Salmon shrimp burger with wasabi mayonnaise and honey cucumber (gusto .at) In the new trend: Shock-Down – how long can the economy withstand lockdowns? ( The 35 best family series for laughing and feeling good ( E-Scooter in Vienna: All providers and Prices 2020 in comparison (


Sign in Connect with Facebook higgs70 Mon. May 15th. 2017 12:01 report

Regardless of what you think of Kurz, the question arises how much a party should really be on the A … that they make their political advancement dependent on a single person, that they join together and without contradiction a package of measures such as general powers on personal and, above all, content-related decisions that she does not even know, because so far one knows nothing about the future social, economic or educational policy, only the line in migration policy is known. You buy a pig in a poke with blind trust and hope that it will turn out to be an egg-laying woolly milk sow that will fix it – what an indictment of a party that once supported the state.

Nudlsupp Mon., May 15th. 2017 13:40 report

These are probably quite normal fears of those involved, who know very well that they will more or less disappear into oblivion if you do not send their “savior” into battle and thus accept his conditions without contradiction. Even if you speak of the party that once supported the state, it is my personal opinion that the last really “” decent “” chairman …..

Nudlsupp Mon., May 15th. 2017 13:42 report

whose interest was not exclusively in his own good and the good of the party, but who also took his responsibility seriously, Erhard Busek. After that, this party and its elected officials moved further and further away from what would actually have been their task.

higgs70 Mon., May 15th. 2017 18:02 report

Yes, the Busek is one of those who shows the whole height of fall between then and now, between former politicians who took the matter more seriously than their own ego to today’s. And for me it is an example of how the big parties swapped their diamonds for mediocrity – by the way, on the grounds that he was too intelligent (!) For a party leader, an oath of revelation for conservatives. And if you had had more politicians in Austria who were cut out of the same cloth that thinks for themselves, others would not have pushed into the political vacuum with handshakes, hairdos, GriasdiDuauchda and other accessories of intellectual nobility.